Nate Pottker has loved sound and art since before he could talk. The last 5 years has seen that passion poured into radio and a wide variety of audio production projects. In 2015 he launched the #DrawingMusic series of musician portraits. Pen & Ink illustrations capturing a variety of musical artists from the 20th and 21st centuries.

Nate began making CDs (well, cassettes back then…) and handing them out to anyone who would listen while he was in high school. Over the past few years he has worked on creating a style that has evolved from loud chaotic distortion into elaborate, layered instrumentals that evoke sense memory and emotion.

Nate started working with Bob Forrest (Bands Thelonious Monster & The Bicycle Thief, Counselor on Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew) in 2005. Building and maintaining his official website, and archiving related materials. He has designed flyers and various artworks and produced archival releases. In 2010 Bob, Nate & Dave Coelho started a radio show on Indie103.1, “All Up In The Interweb” a music and opinion show that ran for 2 years. In 2013 a unique special program “Bob’s House” was produced through the David Lynch Foundation along with a co-written single “Words Don’t Mean A Thing”. Another charity release was put together in 2014 “Save Music In Chinatown”, raising funds for the Castelar Elementary School music program in Chinatown. That release is available on or on for $5 with all proceeds being donated to FACES (Friends And Alumni Of Castelar Elementary). In 2015 Bob & Nate once again took to the airwaves launching the “This Is Water” Podcast.

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